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Hello Ellie fans! A couple of days ago Chanel released a brand new episode of Chanel Beauty Talks, in which Lucia Pica does Ellie’s make up and the two speak of “The Little Black Palette” product. If you guys don’t know, that’s the product Ellie was shooting an advertising campaign with months ago. Our gallery has been updated with promotional photos from the campaign, the Chanel Beauty Talks episode and screen captures!

CHANEL BEAUTY TALKS – Ellie Bamber describes herself as determined and quirky. At age 4, this English girl with an aristocratic allure informed her parents that she would be an actress and singer. By age 20, she had achieved her goal. After a notable appearance on the silver screen in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, she starred in Nocturnal Animals, directed by Tom Ford.

“I’m 20 and i don’t have time to do my makeup. I love that The Little Black Palette makes it so simple to apply beautiful, intuitive face makeup.”

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