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AGE:   19
HOMETOWN: Crowthorne, England

Ellie captured Hollywood’s attention with her breakout role as Lydia Bennet in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Her next big gig is equally creepy: In the inimitable fashion designer turned writer and director Tom Ford’s latest movie, the dark thriller Nocturnal Animals, she plays a Texas teenager whose parents are portrayed by Isla Fisher and Jake Gyllenhaal. “Working with Tom was an incredible experience,” Ellie says. “He has this extraordinary vision and eye for detail — everything he creates is very precise. I like to think of myself as a sponge on set, constantly learning and soaking up advice.”

When Ellie’s not in front of the camera, she can often be found in the kitchen. “I love to cook. Sometimes I’ll just hang out with my friends and make them katsu curry!” she says. In fact, Ellie will go to great lengths for the perfect food — for better or worse: “I once scaled a cliff to buy a strawberry and chocolate milk shake, only to find out the place had stopped making them.” —H.H.

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How the fashion elite fell for Britain’s new film star

She’s only 19, but the British actress Ellie Bamber has already caught the eye of Karl Lagerfeld. Up next? A role in Tom Ford’s new film. Meet a rapidly rising star

“The first thing was, like, what the hell do I wear?” shrieks the 19-year-old British actress Ellie Bamber, recalling the moment she was summoned to meet the fashion designer turned director Tom Ford. After sending in a lo-fi audition tape for a part in his much-hyped new film, Nocturnal Animals, out in November, Bamber suddenly found herself in Ford’s pristine Pimlico offices. “They have scented candles, all of the ladies wear stilettos, everyone is graceful,” she says of the HQ. “I wore these flared Paige jeans, little clogs and a white shirt. I thought, go clean, go simple.”

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WONDERLAND – Rapidly-rising actress Ellie Bamber is winning on both stage and screen. After appearing in Carol Morley’s dreamy 2014 mystery The Falling, Bamber was snapped up to play Dinah in musical High Society at London’s Old Vic. Next up, she stars as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’ Lydia Bennet. London’s Bamber is an airtight fit for the role of a reckless Victorian teenager. “Lydia’s this cheeky, flirty girl,” she explains whilst sat like a young Lady of the Manor, fluent only in niceties.

“When I started acting, I thought I was going to be Wednesday Addams,” she laughs, combing auburn hair strands through her fingers. “If they ever do the remake [of The Addams Family], I will personally dye my hair and go into the audition.” Until then, her “Mumager” is on hand, monitoring her growing fan sites (she’s very popular in Russia), black hair dye at the ready.

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SCREENDAILY – Berkshire-born Bamber, 18, took to the principal role of Dinah like a duck to water, singing, dancing and having the time of her life.

Her film debut comes next February with the release of Pride And Prejudice And Zombies, in which she plays troublesome Lydia, another peachy part.

After signing with Kevin Volchok at UTA in Los Angeles, her next role is in the Tom Ford-directed Nocturnal Animals playing the daughter of Jake Gyllenhaal (the film, currently shooting, is based on the novel Tony & Susan by Austin Wright).

While still at school, Bamber was spotted in a local play and eventually offered a part in the 2010 production of Aspects Of Love at London’s Menier Chocolate Factory theatre.

“I was 13, coming up to the West End, the only kid without an agent,” she recalls, “but my whole family got behind me.”

She did her GCSEs and AS levels, but decided that “I need to go with the parts”. Bamber is learning on set, she says, from the likes of Lily James on Pride And Prejudice And Zombies and Kate Fleetwood in High Society. “Everyone’s been so generous,” she says. “I just want to keep doing what I’m doing.”

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Thanks to my friend Melfan, I have added scans of Ellie in the october issue of Miss Vogue UK.

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First of all, I have updated the gallery with a pretty new photoshoot. I’ve also added high quality pictures from two missing events, the Markus Lupfer A/W 2015 Presentation during London Fashion Week and the Minions Fashion Launch that Ellie attended earlier this year.

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What do you do and why do you do it? Acting and singing, because I love it!

Describe yourself in five words. Goofy, energetic, determined, loyal, clumsy.

How did you start your career? Boring my parents with “shows” from the age of four.

What was your big break? My elbow, when I was six. Does that count? Hopefully it’s Pride and Prejudice and Zombies!

What are you working on at the moment? High Society at The Old Vic.

We’re celebrating the 35th Birthday Issue of i-D, when did you last celebrate and what was the occasion?
My 18th birthday!

What excites you most about tomorrow?
Pretty much everything.

What’s your party trick?
“The crane” and rapping the whole of Rapper’s Delight with my dad.

Finish this sentence: 35 is the new…
Age of happy?

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