Hello Ellie fans! My name is Neide and i, alongside Elise will be now running! We want to thank Lora, the founder of this beautiful site for letting us take care of it. We’re huge fans of Ellie and we’re very excited to be working on this site! We know our gallery is missing a lot, which we’ll be working on the next weeks but we couldn’t help but making a post about Ellie’s appearance on Shawn Mendes music video for his new single There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back! Our girl stars in it, alongside Shawn and the video is so beautiful we advice everyone to watch it. Promotional photos from the music video, along with screen captures have been added to our gallery!

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AGE:   19
HOMETOWN: Crowthorne, England

Ellie captured Hollywood’s attention with her breakout role as Lydia Bennet in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Her next big gig is equally creepy: In the inimitable fashion designer turned writer and director Tom Ford’s latest movie, the dark thriller Nocturnal Animals, she plays a Texas teenager whose parents are portrayed by Isla Fisher and Jake Gyllenhaal. “Working with Tom was an incredible experience,” Ellie says. “He has this extraordinary vision and eye for detail — everything he creates is very precise. I like to think of myself as a sponge on set, constantly learning and soaking up advice.”

When Ellie’s not in front of the camera, she can often be found in the kitchen. “I love to cook. Sometimes I’ll just hang out with my friends and make them katsu curry!” she says. In fact, Ellie will go to great lengths for the perfect food — for better or worse: “I once scaled a cliff to buy a strawberry and chocolate milk shake, only to find out the place had stopped making them.” —H.H.

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Ellie continues to promote her newest film at last night’s premiere of ‘Nocturnal Animals’ during Toronto Film Festival.

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Movies Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Videos

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