Ellie attended the House of Holland presentation during The London Collections Men SS16 on June 14, 2015 in London, England.

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Ellie was one of many artists to read letters during the Letters Live event at Freemasons’ Hall in London earlier this year.


WHATSONSTAGE – Ellie Bamber is currently playing Dinah Lord in High Society at the Old Vic.

Her previous credits include Aspects of Love (Menier), The Musketeers (BBC) and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Darko).

We caught up with Ellie and asked her: “If you were stranded on a desert island, which five showtunes could you not live without?”

“Anything But Lonely” from Aspects of Love
EB: The only version I’ve really heard was Katherine Kingsley’s brilliant rendition when I was in Aspects at the Menier Chocolate Factory. I can’t imagine it being performed in any other way. I remember she gave me goose bumps every time.

“Just One Of Those Things” from High Society
EB: I remember watching Rupert [Young] perform his version of the song in rehearsals for the first time recently, the song sounded familiar but I actually hadn’t ever listened to it properly. I remember falling in love with it there and then! I ended up playing Sinatra’s version on repeat for the next week. My brother told me to turn it off, as he said he’d probably heard it around 60 times – so I played Jamie Cullum’s instead!

“Seasons Of Love” from Rent
Just a knock out sing a long show tune really! Never fails to brighten up my day.

“How Could I Ever Know” from The Secret Garden
I’ve never actually seen a production of The Secret Garden but I’d really love to! I remember having to pick out a song for one of my musical theatre exams a few years ago and I asked my teacher if he had any suggestions. I’m usually pretty instinctive when it comes to picking out a song, I know what I like. He played me a few that I’d never heard before and this one really stuck out. The lyrics are heartbreakingly beautiful and paired with the melancholy melody, every time I sing it, it never fails to make me emotional.

“The Deadwood Stage” from Calamity Jane
remember my Nan and Grandad sitting me down to watch this with them when I was younger, I watched it countless times afterwards. I told them that one day I would be Calamity Jane, I loved singing and I loved horse riding so why wouldn’t I be?! I absolutely love Doris Day in the role, her voice is just sensational and she really makes the ballsy Calamity come to life!


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LONDON THEATRE – Ellie Bamber is currently starring as Dinah Lord in High Society at the Old Vic Theatre in London.

Cole Porter’s classic feel-good musical, High Society comes to The Old Vic in a glittering new production staged in the round.

Directed by Multi award winning director and musical star Maria Friedman. High Society is based on The Philadelphia Story and the 1956 MGM film musical starring Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra. Featuring hit songs including “True Love”, “You’re Sensational”, “Well Did You Evah?” and the unforgettable “Who Wants To Be A Millonaire?”.

Ellie Bamber recently took time out from her busy schedule to chat about her career and High Society.

Last year you filmed in Lionsgate’s Pride, Prejudice and Zombies, which is likely due to be released in 2016. In the film you play the role of Lydia Bennet. What can you tell us about your time filming?
We filmed in the UK, last Autumn, in lots of different locations. I had a lot of fun with the cast, including Sally Phillips, Sam Riley, Lily James and Matt Smith, we all really enjoyed filming it. We did a stint of Martial Arts training before filming, as due to the Zombie side of the story, the sisters are trained zombie fighters, so that was an entirely new experience for me, we also did some dance training for the ball scenes. I learnt a lot from all the talented cast, crew and especially Burr Steers the director, I’ve kept in touch with most of them!

You played Martine in BBC One’s hit TV series The Musketeers and also appeared in Ed Bazalgette’s A Mother’s Son for ITV. What did you enjoy most about being in those productions?
A Mother’s Son was my first TV role and even though I was the youngest on set, Ed really took time to involve me in the creative aspect of the scenes I was in. The script was really gripping and emotional. One of the best parts was working with my on-screen parents, Martin Clunes and Hermione Norris on the beautiful Southwold coast.The Musketeers was shot in Prague so that was a highlight! I had some time to explore Prague, which is something I’ve always wanted to do. I was told I was good at ‘playing dead’ – is that a compliment?!

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INDIELONDON – Ellie Bamber talks about landing the role of Dinah Lord in the Old Vic’s in the round production of High Society and what it feels like to be a part of one of Kevin Spacey’s final productions as artistic director (not to mention getting the chance to meet one of her acting idols).

She also reflects on her career to date, including working with Trevor Nunn early on, and looks ahead to the forthcoming cinema release of the kick-ass Pride and Prejudice and Zombies alongside Lily James and Sam Riley.

Q. How is High Society shaping up so far? It’s currently previewing, isn’t it? It must be quite challenging performing it in the round at the Old Vic?
Ellie Bamber: Yes and it’s been really enjoyable so far. It’s an amazing opportunity and the show is incredible. I’ve loved High Society for so long anyway. And I’m really enjoying performing it ‘in the round’ because obviously you have to think about conveying the story everywhere – not just in front of you. It’s completely different from most theatre in that there are so many different areas to project to.

Q. Is it nerve-wracking at all, stepping out onto that stage every night at such a prestigious London venue, in such a well-known play?
Ellie Bamber: It is. But I think I’ve always turned my nerves into excited energy. I just get really, really excited. I haven’t really got nervous in an apprehensive way to this point.

Q. And what do you like about playing Dinah Lord in High Society?
Ellie Bamber: Well, she’s a 14-year-old girl from a very wealthy family and I just really enjoy playing with that. She’s also a bit of a tomboy, which is fun, and I get the chance to sing on stage, which is great. I’ve always loved being in comedy because I love making people laugh. It’s certainly challenging because I’ve not done stage for a while. So, it’s tough in the way that you’re doing the same thing over and over again. It’s tough creating that same performance every night.

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IRISH EXAMINER – Ellie Bamber has said Pride And Prejudice And Zombies will show that women can be just as strong as men.

The Falling star will play Lydia Bennet alongside Lily James and Matt Smith in the film based on Seth Grahame-Smith’s parody novel of Jane Austen’s Pride And Prejudice.

Ellie said: “I think it shows five strong powerful women leaders as the main feature of the film, and I think that’s the best thing about it, these five strong female characters. It shows a young generation that women can be as strong as men.

“It’s just great how it’s taken the Jane Austen text and created a whole new spin on it. It really is going to appeal to a younger audience and I think they’re going to find a new excitement in Jane Austen.”

The 18-year-old actress – who is currently starring in High Society at London’s Old Vic theatre – revealed she and her co-stars trained in martial arts for two months before filming began.

Ellie said: “It’s a very iconic character so I had to do a lot of research into it. But the main thing was that I spent about two months doing martial arts training because all five sisters are trained zombie fighters.

“I worked with some amazing people – Sally Phillips, who was hilarious, Matt Smith, Lily James, Suki Waterhouse.

“It was a really, really great experience. Burr Steers is a really great director and he’s brought me on leaps and bounds.”

Pride And Prejudice And Zombies was shot last year and will hit cinemas in February 2016.

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